For over two decades Rabbi Hanoch Teller has been a sought-after tour guide at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. His Holocaust expertise, deep humanity and sensitivity, and his uncanny ability to tell just the right story at the right time, transform the infinite banality of horror into an intensely personal encounter with the Destruction of European Jewry.

The Holocaust contains a minefield of dilemmas that may be beyond the scope of and abused by those unschooled and insensitive to Torah ideology. The wisdom and direction that Hanoch Teller dispenses in his riveting and instructive tour is not only a much-needed beacon of light, but a reassuring fortress of faith that is masterfully conveyed.

"Hanoch Teller is incredibly informative and exceptionally sensitive. He is a repository of scholarship and Jewish tradition." 

 ~Dr. Mehmet Oz

 “We have been taking our students to Yad Vashem for years, but never has the tour been so impactful and the experience so profound and positively directional, until it was led by the masterful and sensitive Rabbi Hanoch Teller.”

~Rav Shimon Isaacson, Rosh Yeshivah, Mevasseret Yerushalayim

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