Comprehending The Incomprehensible

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This attractive album comprises eleven lectures describing the historical events and personal accounts of survivors before and during the war years. The series provides an in-depth analysis of political, social, religious and moral issues affecting perpetrators and victims, collaborators and resisters, apologists and rescue workers during the most appalling event of the twentieth century. Over thirteen hours of unforgettable history and unique analysis.

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Words of Praise

“These lectures are masterpieces of lucidity, scholarship, and historical comprehension that only one with a sensitive and emotion-filled heart could convey. I would recommend this series to anyone – Jewish or Gentile, young or old, intelligent or unschooled. There is no more concise education I am aware of regarding the Holocaust.”

Dr. Gideon Greif Chief Editor, Yad Vashem,
The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, Jerusalem

“With sensitivity, passion and profound scholarship, Rabbi Hanoch Teller helps us to understand that which no one can fathom. He teaches us not only about the history, events and chronology of the Holocaust in the most engaging way, but about the courage and the spirit of the Jews living in these inhuman conditions — as no one else can. Whoever listens to his lectures will benefit and be enriched from his vast knowledge and insight on the subject.”

Rabbanit Vicky Berglas,
Director, Holocaust Studies and Dean of Students,
Midreshet Moriah Historian, Heritage Tours,
Guide, Yad Vashem

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