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Alternately referred to as “Shakespeare of the Yeshiva world” and “King of the Storytellers,” Rabbi Hanoch Teller has single-handedly fostered the emergence of the ever-popular inspirational short story. He is the critically-acclaimed, prize-winning author of 29 titles, several of them ongoing best sellers published in multiple languages.

As author of all-time favorites, Courtrooms of the Mind, “Hey, Taxi!,”Too Beautiful, For the Love of Torah and Heroic Children etc., few people have influenced the contemporary-Jewish world as he. Because of the enduring and universal appeal of his heartwarming stories, historical narratives and absorbing biographies, none of Hanoch Teller’s books have ever gone out of print. They convey timeless truths, a glorification of Divine Providence and a tribute to human benevolence.

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Natan Sharansky with his favorite
Hanoch Teller book

“Rabbi Hanoch Teller has an extraordinary ability to both teach and touch, to convey in an accessible manner deep teachings of the Torah and Talmud, and to open up hearts and listeners to bringing these teachings into their lives. Teller's remarkable writing can bring a person to tears and, more importantly, to action."

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
Bestselling author and noted speaker and scholar

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