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Yom Hashoah
Yeshiva University

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Internationally-acclaimed as one of the most original and inspiring motivational-speakers of our time, storyteller-extraordinaire, Rabbi Hanoch Teller has been dubbed a “globe-trotting modern-day maggid.” He has enthralled audiences on five continents, in over 40 American states and 24 other countries, delivering a precious message imbued with joy and drama, laughter and pathos.

"Probably the most sophisticated storyteller of our time."

- former U.S. Senator Arlen Specter


School Performances

Hanoch Teller has been invited to schools throughout the world since 1986. He has addressed hundreds of assemblies, conducted numerous workshops with students and has an unparalleled method of engaging the minds and hearts of impressionable pupils.


Hanoch Teller’s performances are always participatory, and present riveting lessons regarding moral sensitivity and character enhancement. He is as effective with elementary school as he is with high school, and as educational with kindergartners as he is inspiring to college students.

Character Workshops

Jewish tradition has always stressed that acting with derech eretz and personal character is not merely desirous, but essential. This is what parents strive for in their children and what schools endeavor to instill. An exceptionally effective way to ensure that a child will act like a mentsch, is when the school and the parents work in tandem. This is what the “Honorable Mentschen” Workshop is all about.


By presenting intriguing and practical examples from Rabbinic teachings and practical life, Rabbi Hanoch Teller, in his inimical and compellingly powerful way, is able to forge a path that leaves an indelible impression. The stories he tells, the examples he provides coupled with his manner of presentation, engages the students to fully participate in a plan of implementation to become a morally sensitive individual.


“Students talks were followed through with a workshop for parents and members of the community, focusing on how to instill and actualise the lessons of how to lead life as a mentsch. Rabbi Teller's personal recounts and stories touched each audience. It was truly an honour to welcome this popular author and producer to our school, and to benefit from his unique delivery and life lessons."

Rabbi Dr. Noteh Glogauer
Principal Kesser Torah College, Australia

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