The State Department was Compelling Truman not to Recognize Israel, Someone Needed to get to the President.

TFJ: The Birth of Israel   Series 2: Episode 6 The Relief Column sent to the Etzion Block were buried in a hasty, shallow grave. When Israel liberated the Etzion… [...]

The UN Confirms Statehood, Preparations for War Begin

TFJ: The Birth of Israel  Series 2 Episode 5   The Partition Plan which would have enabled the creation of a Jewish State was not looking promising.  The American State… [...]

How to Productively Criticise

If you care for your fellow person you will wish to correct them when they are erring. This is not just the domain of parents, but of any loving and considerate individual –… [...]

Palestinians Don’t Negotiate

TFJ Series 2: Episode 3 The British convened conferences to quell the Arab revolt and seek a lasting solution between the Arabs and the Jews. But unless the Arabs received… [...]

How Did the British Cope With the Arab Revolt of 1936-39 and The Evian Conference

TFJ Series 2: Episode 2 The Arab revolt resulted in widespread violence across the land aimed at both Jewish and British targets. British officer and Christian Zionist, Orde Wingate trained… [...]

Anger (1)

TFJ: Series 2: Episode 1 Character Workshop Welcome to our second season of Teller From Jerusalem.    We are kicking things off with an episode on Character Development, focusing on… [...]

EXODUS-1947: The Ship, the Book, the Movie, the Reality

TFJ: Special Episode! The Haganah launched a floating underground railroad to bring immigrants into Israel after the conclusion of WW II. The British enforced their White Paper which forbade Jewish… [...]

ICYMI: Dr Rona Novick

Rerelease TFJ Series 1: Episode 41: Character Workshop  You may have noticed that Teller from Jerusalem has been on a break for the past few weeks, while we put the… [...]

You may have noticed that Teller from Jerusalem has been on a break for the past few weeks, while we put the finishing touches to our incredible new season which… [...]

Interview with Dr Rona Novick

TFJ Series 1: Episode 41: Character Workshop  Teller From Jerusalem is very honored to host ever-wise and insightful Dr. Rona Novick, the Dean of the Azrieli Graduate School at Yeshiva… [...]

The Underground Jewish Military in Palestine Unite to Fight the British blockade on Jewish Immigration

TFJ: Series 1 Episode 40: The Birth of Israel    With fear that Rommel’s conquest of Africa may bring the German Army to Palestine, the Hagana, the prelude to the… [...]