Funding the Jewish State and Sir Moses Montefiore

TFJ: The Birth of Israel Episode 13 Sir Moses Montefiore was the greatest Jewish philanthropist. For all of his benevolent deeds he was awarded phenomenal old age, and he utilized every day… [...]

The First Zionist Congress

TJF Birth of Israel Episode 12  For the first time in 2000 years Jews had gathered in one place to declare that they were no longer willing to be bystanders on… [...]

The Jews Need a Home. If Palestine is not available, what about Uganda?  

TFJ: The Birth of Israel - Episode 11 From the Bible it is clear that Israel is the natural soil that can nourish a Jewish soul. Assimilated Herzl was unaware of Jewish… [...]

The Pitfalls of Envy

Teller From Jerusalem – Series 1 Episode 10 – Character Workshop Who is a hero and who is mighty? In order to be able to access our strengths we must… [...]

Kishnev Pogrom

Teller From Jerusalem – Series 1 Episode 9 – The Birth of Israel For many Jewish leaders, the Kishinev Pogrom was transformative. To Herzl, Kishinev was further evidence that Jews… [...]

The House of Romanov, Cantonists and Pogroms: TFJ The Birth of Israel

Teller From Jerusalem – Series 1 Episode 8 – The Birth of Israel Suffering from government-sponsored violent and lethal anti-Semitism, Russian Jews had basically once choice: to stay and endure,… [...]

James G. MacDonald – Tireless activist for the Jews and for the State of Israel: TFJ The Birth of Israel

FDR’s State Department, and the visa division in particular, headed by Breckinridge Long, adopted a policy of overt anti-semitism and kept the doors of the United States sealed to refugees… [...]

The Broken Window Theory of Good Character : TFJ Character Workshop

Character Workshop  What is motivating your actions? Is it the Good or the Evil Inclination? TFJ takes a look at the Broken Window Theory and sees practical application in character… [...]

The Echo of 19th Century Anti-Semitism: TFJ The Birth of Israel

Bowing to pressure, in 1906 the French military cleared Dreyfuss and had him readmitted to the army. After centuries of discrimination and expulsions, Zionism becomes a revolution to afford Jews… [...]

The Silver Lining of Herzl’s Fundraising Fiasco: TFJ The Birth of Israel

Generous Baron Maurice de Hirsch refused to contribute to Herzl’s plan which he considered a fantasy. Eventually, as Daniel Gordis points out, this turned out to be a blessing in… [...]

Never Trust Your Chambermaid: TFJ Birth of Israel

Hatikva is unique among national anthems. A maid employed by the French military found a memo in the trash in the German embassy in Paris with military secrets. The French… [...]