James G. MacDonald – Tireless activist for the Jews and for the State of Israel: TFJ The Birth of Israel

FDR’s State Department, and the visa division in particular, headed by Breckinridge Long, adopted a policy of overt anti-semitism and kept the doors of the United States sealed to refugees… [...]

The Broken Window Theory of Good Character : TFJ Character Workshop

Character Workshop  What is motivating your actions? Is it the Good or the Evil Inclination? TFJ takes a look at the Broken Window Theory and sees practical application in character… [...]

The Echo of 19th Century Anti-Semitism: TFJ The Birth of Israel

Bowing to pressure, in 1906 the French military cleared Dreyfuss and had him readmitted to the army. After centuries of discrimination and expulsions, Zionism becomes a revolution to afford Jews… [...]

The Silver Lining of Herzl’s Fundraising Fiasco: TFJ The Birth of Israel

Generous Baron Maurice de Hirsch refused to contribute to Herzl’s plan which he considered a fantasy. Eventually, as Daniel Gordis points out, this turned out to be a blessing in… [...]

Never Trust Your Chambermaid: TFJ Birth of Israel

Hatikva is unique among national anthems. A maid employed by the French military found a memo in the trash in the German embassy in Paris with military secrets. The French… [...]

In Heaven They Don’t Want Checks; They Want Receipts: TFJ Character Worshop

What does it take to become a good person? What is the difference between resume virtues and eulogy virtues? In this episode TFJ takes a look at man’s reputation, and how it… [...]

The Hope to Return: TFJ The Birth of Israel

The dream to return to the homeland and the challenges of Israel’s early settlers in the late 1800s. Visual Credits: Titus Arch: www.bnaibrith.ca, Photo of Kite: Unsplash, Squeezing citrus: courtesy of Pexels.com… [...]

TRAILER: Teller From Jerusalem

The weekly podcast of ever popular author, lecturer, film producer and historian, the inimitable Rabbi Hanoch Teller, takes an intelligent and thought-provoking look at the early struggle to establish the… [...]